BitClub Network Review

BitClub Network was a Ponzi Scheme that bilked customers out of at least $722M across five years.


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Was BitClub Network Legit?

BitClub Network was a Ponzi scheme.  They promised to make investors rich by earning them bitcoins. Customers could invest in BitClub Network “mining” technology and the company would give investors a share of the bitcoin profits. At that time, BitClub Network was valued at $500M Dollars.

However, they were misleading customers from the beginning, calling them “idiots & morons”

Scammed By BitClub Network ? Get Your Money Back !

If you are a victim of BitClub Network then File a Complaint. You have a very good chance to reclaim your funds using their services. MyChargeBack is an American company, registered in Delaware, with a global focus and an international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, they will accompany you from the start to the end throughout the chargeback process, regardless of the time it takes in order to prove your case and get your money back. Fill out the form below and get a FREE consultation today. (If you lost more than $5,000, please use the chat).

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To make sure you have all the elements in your hand to have a successful chargeback we recommend you to :

  • Chat history (Skype, Whatsapp, emails etc) of the person you were dealing with.
  • Transaction records of the money deposited / sent to BitClub Network.
  • All information that you may find useful to have.

The more elements you have, the better it is as our partner can work effectively on your case.

Like we said earlier, your funds are not gone for good and you have a high chances to get your money back using our effective recovery solution.

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BitClub Network Scam Review
  • Website URL : Down
  • Type of Scam : Ponzi scheme
  • The US Justice Department has branded BitClub Network as a high tech Ponzi scheme and arrested their leaders.

Have You Been Scammed By BitClub Network ?

BitClub Network exit scammed, their website is no longer available. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

62 thoughts on “BitClub Network Review”

  1. I invested in Bitclub network and they could not be reached .
    could you kindly assist me to recover my money

  2. I was lost 11 200zar….I can’t even access my account….I didn’t even get paid once as promised…..pls help to get my money back

  3. i lost R9000 and from the look of things this is also scam bcs the team is not responding to you guys. is just a waist of time and energy. we going to get our maney.

  4. help me , i am being scammed by bitclub network,… i lost usd 599 the joining fees i didnt withdraw any from bitclub network …please refund my money back

  5. i think bitclub network scammed me…i joined USD 599 and i didnt withdraw any money till now….can i get my money back..?

  6. I lost a “FOUNDERS POOL” amount. That’s my lifesaving 😭. The name BITCOIN spells disaster. Please help me to recover this money.

  7. i invested R38 000. I think, NO! I know i have been scammed. when I ask for the update from the upline he blocked my number. People can be cruel. But God will fight this battle for me and justice will prevail.

  8. I bought 2 founders pool via luno money transfer and cannot access Bitclub network to get my investment back. Please be my saviour

  9. everyone is saying the same thing is there anyone can assist us on this matter to recover our funds. I also lost $500 in 2019.

  10. I’ve invested in Bitclub Network in 2014/2015 as I was retenched from work. So I decided to put my money to work, I invested in a pool $99 + $500 and then I further invested $1000 into another pool. At the time of initial investing $599 was around R10500. 00 as the rand was weak to the dollar… Then the $1000 was around R13000. 00. I had mining earnings on my profile aswel but I cannot access my account so I’m not sure howmuch I have in bitcoin. Please can you assist?

  11. I lost my 21k that I withdraw from my savings account thinking that it will do better with bitclub but I was totally wrong .please help us. God bless you.

  12. Good day

    I bought into this BitClub network in 2018 for a three year mining platform
    1000 dollar and 2 x 500 dollar contracts.
    2000 dollars in total. Hard earned money.

  13. I once joined bitclub and stayed for more than two years, when I try to login the system says it doesn’t recognize me, please assist.

  14. Ayudenme solo inverti 500 dolares en bitclub pero creanme que si me costo mucho trabajo reunir esa cantidad con mucho sacrificio para que luego estos criminales se lleven mi esfuerzo de años y años

  15. Do not proceed with

    It is 100% criminal site.

    They scam 34 person last week ( from 2 May till now).
    It is interesting, where is “that special departments” are doing???
    +1 (904) 323-0740 – this number was calling me and almost all is clear, IT address, office address but no one want to touch “them”…

  16. I joined with R10300.intate of $500 dollars as I was supposed to pay the consultant the but they told me that by December they need some documents if they don’t get them by December I will forfeit my account

    1. I invested 10300 in 20…with an extra1800 for the certificate i would appreciate if you could help us to get or recover our monies, im now unemployed tjis would have been the perfect time to use my earnings to provide for my kids.

    2. I invested 10300 in 20… With an extra1800 for the certificate, i would appreciate it if you could help us to get our monies back. I am now unemployed and this would have been the perfect time to use my earnings to provide for my kids. Please assist

  17. I regret investigating money into Bitclub Network,someone told me that he resigned from work to do networking so I was so convinced that this is not a scam!

    I have learned my lesson, I am not sure about “Alt Coin Trading” any more

    😢I remember we attended the Bitclub Convention at Beachwood hotel in joburg, we were told that bitclub will make us wealthy… I borrowed money just to invest in parents even helped me to pay back the loan

  18. Networks were like “there is no way we can get hacked with block chain 🤣💔 but look what block chain did to us.The very same block chain failed to protect our accounts

    What a waste of money… I don’t want anything to do with Bitcoin or Bitclub Network…

    They came to Sebothoma Hall in Temba unit D with lavish cars, they convinced people to join bitclub Network which was a scam. An individual would tell you that they have resigned and they do networking for a living…… Which is not guaranteed

  19. I made a deposit of +R10000. 00 through an agent at Rosebank/Randburg. Now nothing can be accessed even the agent is not sure what’s happening. Please help

  20. Can someone help us to get my money back coz no one respont or is that team again make us idiod i lost 9200

  21. Hi! I invested in a mining pool worth R17500 in September 2017 which is a pool 2 and before December 2019 we were told that if we don’t do our KYC we won’t be able to access our accounts, to my surprise after doing the so-called KYC the website was shut down completely showing that we were being played by these people and I don’t know whether we will be able to get our money back?

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