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If you are in this page, it mean that you are probably victim of a scam from a fraudulent company (all kind of financial fraud) and that you are looking to get your funds back. Keep calm, we can help you ! We have a fast & effective recovery solution for you to get your hard earned money back.

Your money is not gone for good ! You have a very good chance to reclaim your funds using MyChargeBack services. You can get a free consultation by clicking here or by contacting our professional team using the live web chat available 24/24 7/7 (you can find it on the bottom right of this page).

If you lost $5,000 or more, please use the chat (bottom right of the page), if you lost less than $5,000 click here and get a free consultation to see if there is a solution for your case.

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MyChargeBack will assist you to claim your funds back based on those conditions :

  • The amount scammed is over $5,000.
  • You were not aware of the transaction that have been made.
  • You were aware of the transaction but you did not receive the services / goods as agreed with the other party.

To make sure you have all the elements in your hand to have a successful chargeback we recommend you to :

  • Have the name of the broker / company that you deposited your money with.
  • Chat history (Skype, Whatsapp, emails etc) of the person you were dealing with.
  • Transaction records of the money deposited / sent to the broker / company.
  • All information that you may find useful to have.

The more elements you have, the better it is as our partner can work effectively on your case.

What are the chances to get my money back ?

Like we said earlier, your funds are not gone for good and you have a high chances to get your money back using our effective recovery solution. The success rate of our partner is about 90%.

The average delay for a chargeback is usually few weeks, however depending your case it can be more or less.

If you have any question related to the ChargeBack process, feel free to contact us here or claim a free consultation using a team of professional by clicking here.

We wish you good luck & obviously hope it arrives at a positive outcome.